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Image Size: 10.5 x 14.5 inches (16x20 matted)

Limited Edition (250) - Printed on archival quality paper

Artist: Scott William Simmons

Scott originates from South Carolina, but has made Rhode Island his home since 1993. Scott has been painting for over 10 years. His use of bold color and defined spaces draw you into his expressionistic paintings of still lifes, landscapes and figures.

Scott is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustration, the Rhode Island Watercolor Society and the Wickford Art Association.

Watercolor on paper




Image Size: 16.1 x 20 inches

Limited Edition (95) - Printed on Somerset 330 gsm paper

Artist: Jordi Prat Pons

Jordi Prat Pons was born near Barcelona. After graduating from the University of Barcelona in 1988, his talent was quickly recognized and numerous solo exhibitions in Spain and France soon followed.

In recent years Jordi has received much attention from American dealers and collectors and has also exhibited successfully across the UK and Germany.

Despite the modern first impression given by Jordi's work, the roots of his approach extend back to the Golden Age of Spanish art in the 17th Century. The Spanish School of still-life painting played an important role in elevating the most insignificant objects to a new level of dignity and aesthetic dimension. The same metaphysical direction can be seen in his remarkably vivid 'bottle portraits'.


Image Size: 15.7 x 20 inches

Limited Edition (95) - Printed on Somerset 330 gsm paper



Image Size: 24.2 x 18.1 inches

Limited Edition (295) - Printed on Somerset 330 gsm paper

Artist: Lynne Timmington

Lynne Timmington taught children of all ages for many years whilst painting in her spare time. She has now received enough recognition to be able leave teaching and concentrate on her artistic career.

Lynne's work has won numerous awards and prizes, recently receiving praise from the legendary George Melly, and she has held a number of successful one- woman shows, notably at the Knapp Gallery in Regents Park and the Barbican, in London. She has also exhibited at The Royal West of England Art Academy, the Royal Festival and the gallery at the National Theatre.

Lynne's experience of the Mediterranean and tropical beaches became her original inspiration. She has developed her painting to become simple, semi-abstract images, which are rich in vibrant colours.


Image: 13.8 x 27.5 in

Limited Edition (295) - Printed on Somerset 330 gsm paper



Image Size: 20 x 15.5 inches

Limited Edition (295) - Printed on Somerset 330 gsm paper

Artist: Gill Shreeve

Gill Shreeve studied at Bradford School of Art and has been a professional artist since 1989.

She has shown her work widely in galleries, theatres such as the Leeds Playhouse, art fairs, restaurants and office spaces. Gill has also been a finalist in the Laing Open Competition and selected for the Lancashire Contemporaries.

Gill says of her work, "As I work on my paintings, giving them layers of texture and tone, I want the spaces between objects to take on a physicality of their own. I use line in my paintings as a reference to drawing and mark making - the basis of indicating structured form".



Image: 7.9 x 26.4 in

Limited Edition (295) - Printed on canvas

Artist: Sarah West

Sarah West completed her degree in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art in 1987 and has since lived in Spain, painting and teaching in Andalucia and Barcelona.

Sarah showed her work publicly for the first time in 1992, taking part in exhibitions in London and Geneva. The response to her work has always been tremendously strong and her work has been sold to private, public and corporate collections. Private buyers include the playwright Alan Bleasdale.

Following the 1994 London Contemporary Art Fair, the dealer and critic Bernard Jacobson singled Sarah out as a young painter to be watched, 'someone who produces challenging new art'.

Sarah recently had a successful solo exhibition at the Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona. With this latest work she continues to explore themes through form, colour and texture, often using layers of paint and collage effects to produce the finished piece.

Sarah West is published in association with James West Fine Art


Image: 7.9 x 26.4 in

Limited Edition (295) - Printed on canvas



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